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Aso Lang. College of Tourism and Advanced Professional Studies is Managed by a team of Consultants in Tourism, Hospitality and other Professional and Specialized disciplines. The College is established to engage and empower students and mature candidates to acquire employable skills and achieve all-round academic excellence. The era of “my ability to read and write is sustaining” is over. Learning a skill is, therefore, necessary for all in a country that consumes far more than its production capacity.

        Ours is an institution that understands the importance of skills and professionalism, hence, the combination of Academic and Professional Studies in Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Data Processing Management, Health Management.

The programmes stated immediately above are in collaboration with the relevant professional and academic Institutes, Institutions and regulatory bodies.

The College offers academic and professional courses at different levels. Apart from the above, other short duration courses and training are being offered to train various categories of people according to their needs within the brackets of the approved courses. This is aimed at redirecting the over-concentration of students on the oversaturated disciplines, to more Professional and practicable skills with prospects for employment and self-reliance. The school aims at promoting tourism and hospitality studies without leaving out the efficacy of Data Processing. Those who would pass through the College are assured of becoming employable and self-reliant multi-professionals.